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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday 02/12

Rain / Mist but not very cold

Yesterday we went to the reserve to buy some bird seed and as per the notice board the Long Eared Owl (LEO) was reported behind the Dipping  pond as this is the nearest attraction to the shop I decided to abandon the boss. As informed a great view just across the water slightly into the bush and looking at the little crowd.
Only 22 birds were recorded.

Today Misty but again not very cold .
Was at Lydd today and the sun was out with a bit of blue sky Viz was better than yesterday so rushed down to the reserve. it was only 2-3 miles from  where I left but on getting there found Rain / strong wind and grey overcast sky as poor as yesterday.
Again the LEO was present now facing left from where we were. So Viz was no better than yesterday.
27 birds were recorded including the LEO and an unusual bird for the marsh a Great Spotted Woodpecker.So 2 days and 2 new birds to the my Kent bird 2015 list .

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Managed to get out at 2.30 till dark ( not very long ) Did not forget the Camera so stuck to the marshes hoping for photos of Tree Sparrow or Snow bunting. Flocks of Fieldfare were all over the place but due to low sun trying to pick out Redwings was impossible. Included was Kestrel a Buzzard which flew at car height in front of me then a Sparrow hawk, finally passed the Chicken sheds and a quick scan for Little Owl but was surprised by a Barn Owl which lifted out of the reeds opposite the sheds and I followed it to the railway line where it flew left and out of sight.
So the list was comprised of all the regular birds,and a good selection of raptors.
Just wish I could get out on my feet more often.Birding from the car is not bad but not great.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Most trips lately have been Dungeness / Reserve and very little walking so most of the usual birds seen with little new.
Today Sunday decided that it would be Romney and Walland Marsh interest was started with at least two Little Gulls in a ploughed field with all the other gulls. The feeding area gave Reed Bunting/Chaffinch/Tree Sparrow/Yellow hammer/Blue Tit/Dunnock/Greenfinch and Moorhen so a good area.
Further along Fieldfares were plentiful 50+ the first of winter and a Green Woodpecker.
Now  pulled into Midgley Drying Barns there was little if any spilled grain so a lack of birds but a Pied Wagtail was walking towards us followed by a first winter female SNOW BUNTING as usual it approached right up to the car with no sign of being scared. Had not picked up the camera and realised I had even left the mobile phone on the table at home as the bird fed right outside the drivers side of the car.
Only thirty birds seen but decided my luck could not carry on so went home for lunch.
Out for 2 hours only.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday 8th November


Have got out only a few times lately with little to report except managed Goldcrest on every outing so a bumper year for them.
12 days ago a charm of Goldfinches descended on my sun flower hearts feeder which is within 6 feet of the back windows they have dominated this from dawn till dusk and it has to be filled at least once a day.  On one occasion I managed to count 42 birds but there was in excess  of that on some days.
These have been a glorious sight and has impressed all visitors to the house, birders or not.
48 Hours ago I filled the feeder and seen no sight of them so hopefully their migration is a great success at my expense.
By coincidence there is just one on the feeder as I type but sparrows and tits now get a look  in.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Just spent 5 days on a non birding break in France there was little of note except leaving the house within 100 yards disturbed a Barn Owl which gave excellent views for a few minutes and only the call of the Ferry made us move on. One of my friends had never seen a wild owl of any sort and was impressed. During the trip slowed down to show everyone an Egret in the roadside ditch which transpired to be a Spoonbill.
Yesterday managed to get out 10 till 2 and was very pleased to get good views of the Rough Legged Buzzard at Scotney. I flushed a Snipe and at lloyds great views ( no Camera ) of a Black Redstart.
Must get out more.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Am managing to get out for a short time most days and yesterday 29/9 went to the reserve to see from the shop Great White Egret- Little Egret - Grey Heron and Cattle Egret.
30/9 managed Yellow wagtails all the feral geese and a good few Mipits. Birds of the day was Firecrest and Yellow Browed Warbler.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday 21/7

Dropped off at ARC Hanson Hide for 3 hours. 36 Species in total.
Excellent views of Little Stint and the whole time I was there a Little Gull was sitting on the water with 2 x 10 minute fly abouts. Many Sand Martins still on the move. Both Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers present. regrettanly no Megas so must try again tomorrow.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Sunday 19/7

With reports of White Winged Black Tern on Arc yesterday and the only other I have seen was in The Gambia I managed to get an early afternoon lift around the marsh. Started at the reserve to be informed that there was no sighting WWBT. But ever hopefull Val and  I still went to Hanson hide.
Excellent to see so many islands now and waders a plenty. Common and Green Sandpipers,Little and ringed Plovers,Godwits Dunlin. For my part there were a lot of Sand Martins which unbelievably is my first record for 2015. My next door neighbour has cut our boundary bush and we now have 2 baby Dunnocks wandering round the back garden I believe they have left the nest too early as they can not fly. But have managed to avoid local bird killers sorry Cats .Species 35

Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday 17/7

A shopping trip to Ashford was quicker than expected so returned via Orlestone Forest and came out without any sightimgs.On to Walland Marsh a view of a Marsh Harrier outside the pub was nice. Further along no sight of Tree Sparrows ,Then alongside the Lydd Model Areodrome, Val called Raptor and stopped the car, in the Adjacent field was a Juvenile Red Kite many attempts were made to catch prey but we saw no success before it left our sight.
We journied on to. Scotney hoping at last to see the Spoonbills again no luck  After that along Dengemarsh and Galloways .many Linnets but also Stonechats and Reed Buntings.
Then home with 33 species all seen from the car.
So a good afternoon

Monday, 6 July 2015


Today managed to get a lift to North Kent and was very pleased to park in layby at Oare Marshes to find the Bonapartes Gull on the nearest island of mud where it stayed for at least half an hour before all birds were lifted by a noisy motorbike. Excellent views and is it the same bird coming back to Oare each year for its holidays. Only 32 species in the few hours which did include a Ring Necked Parakeet which are not present on the marsh.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday 19/06

Managing to get short or very short birding trips of late. And nothing exciting to report.Today returning late afternnoon we drove across the marsh. First stop was for 4 Turtle Doves which gave good views and music to our ears. Also there was Yellow Hammer /Skylark/Pheasant/Chaffinch and Swallows untill a Sparrow Hawk joined the party and ruined it as it sat on a nearby hedge.Further along added Reed & Sedge Warblers and Greenfinch. A good search for Tree Sparrows was fruitless. Parked at the side of the road listening when a small (young) Badger walked into the road in front of the car a mad rush for the camera before I remembeered it was at home.  We watched for a while at close range untill it saw us and rushed away up the road untill eventually going back into the Hedge.   I can not remember such close views. Futher up a Marsh Harrier was quartering a Potato field.. Passing the Chicken Farm the Little Owl was sitting on a large tank and kept his eyes on us untill it eventually flew. A very pleasant ride home.
Of note recently is the amount of Humming Bird Hawk Moths as yet none in my garden but babysitting at my daughters the other day there was a visit from at least one Moth if not more.

Friday, 3 April 2015

100 Thursday 02/04

When a lift offered to Dungeness and a pick up a few hours later was accepted as the weather was not too poor and there were no migrants on my list.
Yearly total is abysmal but as not driving any more it is to be expected.
Dropped off at Dengemarsh Road after not recording the little Owl the Hayfield held Little Egret Oystercatcher Widgeon Shelduck and Curlew. Walking round to the Hide all the usual Geese/Lapwing Swans and Little Grebe. Arriving at the crossroads outside the hide. A singing Sedge Warbler in a swarm of Insects was my first migrant and a welcome sight. Making 100 for 2015.Reed Bunting and Cettis were singing around the reserve Chiffchaff found on the rear track Main lake was quiet but Goldneye gadwall common gull chaffinch and Lesser Black backed Gull. The first calling Marsh  Frog was heard.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday 23/1

First post of 2015 although I have managed to get out on a few trips and yesterday even found the Night Heron at Nickolls quarry. Today only out at 2.15 but got Bittern in Flight Pintail Red Crested Pochard Bearded tit Chiffchaff  Gooseanderand Kingfisher all from Hanson Hide on Arc. 5 Marsh Harriers covered the lake. a great 2 hours

Thursday, 1 January 2015

SUNDAY 28/12

Probably my last trip out this year and need an awful lot of new birds today to beef up my bird list of 2014.
My only new bird was Smew on ARC a trip down to the lighthouse was unusual as Gannets were very close to the beach . Back to the reserve and a few Gooseander were outside of the main hide..The drive back home gave up a few Yellowhammers near Haguelands. Total list for 2014 is now 155 a large drop from previous . How did I manage such good lists and was at work now retired and come up with such a poor list.