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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday 8th November


Have got out only a few times lately with little to report except managed Goldcrest on every outing so a bumper year for them.
12 days ago a charm of Goldfinches descended on my sun flower hearts feeder which is within 6 feet of the back windows they have dominated this from dawn till dusk and it has to be filled at least once a day.  On one occasion I managed to count 42 birds but there was in excess  of that on some days.
These have been a glorious sight and has impressed all visitors to the house, birders or not.
48 Hours ago I filled the feeder and seen no sight of them so hopefully their migration is a great success at my expense.
By coincidence there is just one on the feeder as I type but sparrows and tits now get a look  in.

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  1. Never tire of Goldfinches Eddie, to exotic to take for granted!