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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday 25/5

Woke to bright sunshine instead of the forcast rain so decided on an early walk. Yesterday a Beaeater was reported at Dungeness and I have been remiss and not heard any booming. Arrived at Dengemarsh Road and walked onto the reserve, within minutes the distinctive Boom of a Bittern was heard.    A  long time since I last heard that and had always been a wish to hear at NHGP. Of course no Beaeater found and unusually no Hobbies seen. Reurned home after 2 hours with a list of 33 birds.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tuesday 21/5

With a report of a Cattle Egret at Dungeness I had an hour to spare. On arrival with a few other cars scanned the Fields by the entrance track. Eventually picked out the Cattle Egret ( 147) alongside a dun cow which confirmed it was aptly named. While waiting and watching the song of Sedge/Reed Warbler and Whitethroat could be heard. Hobbies and Marsh Harrier put in an appearance total species 37.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday 17/5

A totally different day from yesterday now windy and cold. A 2 hour out while Val was having her hair done. Day started nice as on a quick visit to the local Tesco Express a Little Grebe in the land drain alongside. Tickmarsh seed dump had 4 Turtle doves and one stunning male Yellowhammer.Denge marsh had 2 Hobbies sitting on posts. A drive up the reserve track allowed me to see the pair of Scaup for the second time and hundreds of Hirundines. A nice Cuckoo was sitting on a stick by the Car Park. Species total was 40.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday 16/5

A lunchtime walk with Val along the Canal at West Hythe. This turned out to be the warmest day of the year. All the usual birds one would expect but a fine Peregrine Falcon seen from the return Path. After a garden center visit we drop into Ticehurst lane Seed Patch to find 3 purring Turtle Doves (144)and as I crossed the Railway Line a 4th bird was sitting on one of the tracks.  38 species today

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday 15-5

Up early after a night of very strong winds as not raining decided to try for the Green Winged Teal. No sign at south end of ARC and went onto the reserve. A very windy reserve managed to get to Makepeace hide where I was informed the GWT had not been located but Scaup were seen from Dennis Hide. So went back there to see a pair of Scaup (143) the first for a few years , scanned all the hirundines for something different. Went over to Arc and find a Drake Scaup right outside the hide ( Camera in car) again scanned all the hirundines with no luck. A Hobby crossed the lake and came straight towards me as it got near I said this is to come  in the hide but it veered off at the very last second a spectacular sight. 31 species seen.

Tuesday 14-5

Unable to get out untill late afternoon and was out only a short while when I got a call to return to see visitors.  So only got to the south end of ARC.
As I pulled up noticed a large light coloured wader in the shallows got the bins on a great Greenshank another new bird for the list within seconds a large Gull spooked the wader not to return. Only managed a total of 16 species. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Friday 10/5

A trip to Ashford gave me the opportunity to visit Orleston Woods on the return trip. Only a quck pass thru visit but within Minutes managed Blue and Great Tit , Chaffinch,Wood Pidgeon,Magpie, Chiffchaff calling,Cuckoo,Great Spotted Woodpecker and great views of a favorite a Nuthatch. On return noticed the Orchids at Dungeness so must photo and ID


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thursday 9/5

Woke to another sunny morning but shame about the south westerly wind which was strong at times. A visit to Dungeness Reserve was on the agenda.
Started at ARC which was very quiet then onto the reserve again notching up birds was a slow process. A total of 45 birds was made but the bird of the day was a close up and low flying Hobby (141) The sun did bring out a common lizard and a Grass Snake crossing the Track and Marsh Frogs were calling all over the reserve. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wednesday 8/5

Another trip to Hospital in Maidstone gave me the opportunity to walk around NHGP near the river at least one Cuckoo could be heard calling and
in the reeds by the fishing hut a couple of Reed Warblers were seen singing making the total 140.

Tuesday 07/05

 A visit to my Mum in Christchurch. Unable yo do any birding but visited the reptile house so great views of Adder/Smooth Snake / Grass snake/Toads/Marsh Frog and Natterjack Toads but the best was the CCTV view of a Goshawk on a nest with 3 Eggs . A pity we do not get to see live birds.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday 5/5

Another early start with a bright blue sky no wind and warm so arrived at Dungeness at 8am to find some had arrived at 5.50 am. As usual I am too late and all the good movement was before I arrived. Gannets and Terns were diving everywhere and Harbour Porpoises very evident so fish shoals must have been present. Scoters were passing at regular intervals but no Velvets. No inward migration noticed only sea birds moving west. Managed to pick out a Little Tern as it flew back and a few Artic Skuas harrassing Terns , another 2 for the list. Brent Geese and Red Throated Divers were seen. No further visits so straght home.