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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday 27/2

A visit to my daughters in Larkfield gave me the opportunity to visit old haunts . Brookland and Abbeymead lakes are just as muddy and Abbeymead gave me my first Little Grebe (107) a walk along Lunsford lane to check out the feeders added 108 a few Siskin.The Patch has not changed

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday 24/02

Another very cold day woke with a sprinkle of snow temperature never got above  1 all day. Dropped into seed bank hoping for a photo opportunity but dull and light snow stopped that. Yellowhammer , chaffinch, Greenfinch and Corn Bunting ( 105) then along to Walland marsh towards the Woolpack There was a lot of birders today. South of the road were hundreds if not thousands of geese without my scope I managed to ID greylag, Brent, Bean and White fronted goose ( 106). Never seen so many Geese on these marshes . Buzzard ,Kestrel, Marsh Harrier plenty of Fieldfare,Redwing,Lapwing, Starling,

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday 23/02

A visit to friends on the Isle of Sheppey of course meant a drive down the Elmley track , as soon as entering the fields we disturbed a Green Sandpiper ( 104) which flew away in its distinctive way. The rest of the track only gave up Lapwing , Starling , Widgeon , Coots, Marsh harrier.
Weather was again freezing with short waves of snow all day

Friday 22/2

Walland and dungeness with Sandwich terns reported at dungeness and Lambs in the field

Why did the temperature not rise above plus 1 with a strong East wind making "feel like "more like minus 3 and light snow showers all day.
Reserve had the population all clinging to the shores to avoid the wind the only exception being the Smew now on New Diggings, Little of interest on the notice board and the stonechat which I need still avoiding me.
Walland had all the Bewicks in a far off field I have yet to pick out the whoopers reported with them.
Only one Marsh Harrier seen but found Tickners seed dump for the first time. A Buzzard was scared off the bush adjacent to the dump. Many chaffinches / Fieldfares/yellowhammers I also "saw" a couple of Corn buntings but due to the poor light I will not count as bird 104 for 2013. A return visit is required  to add them . A Goldfinch was reported on my garden feeders which was missed by me I have not seen one in the garden since moving in last July. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


For the first time in many months I have felt like going out on my own so ventured to the reserve at Dungeness. ARC hide had the easterly wind blowing head on so opening windows was not pleasant and made the eyes water. Nineteen Smew were seen which must be the largest amount ever seen by me in one place. After much scanning managed to find the duck Red Crested Pochard ( 102) many shovelor , tufties a nd a few golden eye with fly over of 2 Marsh Harrier. After my abandoned attempt due to masses of birders to locate Tundra Bean Geese I went over to Boulderwall farm after scanning thru Greylag,widgeon,lapwing,starling , mallard , canada and greylag geese managed to find 5 Tundra Bean Geese (103)just within range.
So although a short trip a welcome return to a bit of birding on my own so now have to target a few winter migrants before it gets warm  Waxwing , skuas, guillimot, white fronted geese etc    

Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday 18/2

A visit to Varne at lunch time  the 2 snow buntings were by the lifeboat ramp after a drive to find woods near Appledore returned via Walland marsh the fields at migley produced thousands of starlings / lapwings and golden plover with a few Ruff (101) for good measure while there the male Hen Harrier drifted over the reeds in the distance, Why can I not find Geese on Migley.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday 17/2 100th Bird 2013

An early morning walk at West Hythe to exercise Rene's dogs gave good views of the heronry and a close view of a tree creeper but nothing new to the list . Afternoon drive to Dungeness found the place swarming with birders so I did not even stop a drive along Dengemarsh road added bird number 100 for 2013 a dodgy Egyptian Goose.   3 marsh harriers and a buzzard seen over Walland.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday 13/2

A shopping trip tp Ashford gave me the opportunity to find Orlestone Forest car park . As it was bitterly cold and some snow on the ground we were the only ones in  the car park . Immediatley a Treecrepper appeared on a tree right in front of the car.   Then we saw great Spot,Redwing Great and Blue Tit  Jay Magpie Sparrowhawk Coal tit. Heard Nuthatch calling but did not locate. On leaving a lady put out bread beside here car and was surrounded by Tits and a Great Spot. Next time I go must remember bread and the camera.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday 09/10

A short drive around at 3 pm tide was well out so Varne was all beach. Boulderwall goose flock did not have a Brent as reported yesterday so on to Walland Marsh scanned the Bewick flock but unable to pick out any whooper  but the Black Swan was very visible. Further along the road a Barn owl was quartering the field
  This was followed by a great view of a Merlin but flew before any record pictures.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday 08/02

Early morning walk to Hythe Gravel Pits , more birds than last visit in late summer, Canada Geese,coot,moorhen,tufted duck,gadwall and an assortment of gulls  also wren , no little grebe which was the target. .
Then we went to Dover for lunch going via St Margarets where there was Fulmars a plenty and a rock pipit on the beach.
After lunch a walk along Dover Pier it was windy and very cold 20 + razorbills and 6 Shags in the harbour also 4 adult and one baby comon seal on the hovercraft apron.
Folkestone front had 5 Med Gulls on the grass verge being fed bread.
Kent total now 97. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday 06/02

Last night returned across marsh at dusk to see a Barn Owl . Today a quick drive around Varne / Dungeness and picked out Bar Tailed Godwit at Varne a Canada goose on entry track at Dungeness other than Grey Lag unable to see any other type of Goose. Returned by one of the smaller roads and found a field full of Stock doves . This makes my Kent total for 2013 at a miserable 93. Must force myself for some sea and woodland watching but walking is still painfull.