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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday 02/12

Rain / Mist but not very cold

Yesterday we went to the reserve to buy some bird seed and as per the notice board the Long Eared Owl (LEO) was reported behind the Dipping  pond as this is the nearest attraction to the shop I decided to abandon the boss. As informed a great view just across the water slightly into the bush and looking at the little crowd.
Only 22 birds were recorded.

Today Misty but again not very cold .
Was at Lydd today and the sun was out with a bit of blue sky Viz was better than yesterday so rushed down to the reserve. it was only 2-3 miles from  where I left but on getting there found Rain / strong wind and grey overcast sky as poor as yesterday.
Again the LEO was present now facing left from where we were. So Viz was no better than yesterday.
27 birds were recorded including the LEO and an unusual bird for the marsh a Great Spotted Woodpecker.So 2 days and 2 new birds to the my Kent bird 2015 list .