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Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Managed to get out at 2.30 till dark ( not very long ) Did not forget the Camera so stuck to the marshes hoping for photos of Tree Sparrow or Snow bunting. Flocks of Fieldfare were all over the place but due to low sun trying to pick out Redwings was impossible. Included was Kestrel a Buzzard which flew at car height in front of me then a Sparrow hawk, finally passed the Chicken sheds and a quick scan for Little Owl but was surprised by a Barn Owl which lifted out of the reeds opposite the sheds and I followed it to the railway line where it flew left and out of sight.
So the list was comprised of all the regular birds,and a good selection of raptors.
Just wish I could get out on my feet more often.Birding from the car is not bad but not great.

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