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Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday 19/06

Managing to get short or very short birding trips of late. And nothing exciting to report.Today returning late afternnoon we drove across the marsh. First stop was for 4 Turtle Doves which gave good views and music to our ears. Also there was Yellow Hammer /Skylark/Pheasant/Chaffinch and Swallows untill a Sparrow Hawk joined the party and ruined it as it sat on a nearby hedge.Further along added Reed & Sedge Warblers and Greenfinch. A good search for Tree Sparrows was fruitless. Parked at the side of the road listening when a small (young) Badger walked into the road in front of the car a mad rush for the camera before I remembeered it was at home.  We watched for a while at close range untill it saw us and rushed away up the road untill eventually going back into the Hedge.   I can not remember such close views. Futher up a Marsh Harrier was quartering a Potato field.. Passing the Chicken Farm the Little Owl was sitting on a large tank and kept his eyes on us untill it eventually flew. A very pleasant ride home.
Of note recently is the amount of Humming Bird Hawk Moths as yet none in my garden but babysitting at my daughters the other day there was a visit from at least one Moth if not more.

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  1. Nice post Eddie. Had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden yesterday. About time I got back down to Dungeness, will let you know when it happens!!