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Thursday, 29 May 2014


                                                                           Little Owl
Due to current medical condition keeping up with the blog has been difficult/

Again around Dungeness 42 species no sign of anything good on hayfield 3 not even a Garganey  .
Amount of Hobbies was impressive.and one buzzard of note,without the scope could not confirm if Honey Buzzard..Little Owl showed well as it does nearly every visit. Understand it has 3 youngster now.

Dungeness again  now 44 species. Bird of the day had to be a very showy Peregrine Falcon

25/5 Dungeness again but duerto poor weather conditions did all watching from the car.species 31. Still nothing new for the bird list 2014

29/5 As a change and Baby sitting grandchildren as it is half term took my grandson round NHGP.
His count was 3 common lizards and 10 slow worms some very young. As I found it very difficult walking around did not do much . The amount of Nightingales signing was excellent and joined by 2 Blackcap.
Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker with Cettis and Cuckoos all heard but not seen. Whitethroat numbers down since this was my Patch.
Now all lakes belong to one fishing company the amount of stands and the abhorant adjoining "Car Park" must be having a severe impact as there is no OUT OF SEASON Fishing. I can only assume it is the fishermen who are deficating all over the Park..
No sighting of any Voles was also a dissapointment.

Important local news 4 Bee-eaters have for best part of a week being flying around the area even reported near home but mostly at Dungeness. Which answers any questions of why have I been out so many times lately. As you have probably guessed I have dipped on every occasion.

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