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Sunday, 9 March 2014


A family holiday in Wales as my brother reached 60. A lovely house was rented near Cardigan and was opposite the Teifli wildlife reserve. Day 2 an Otter spent about half an hour fishing in the river in front of the house and was admired by all the family. Day 6 when a bit of left over meat was put out 2 Crows were joined by a Raven in the back garden. Most days Gooseander were present in the river and on a couple of occasions Red Kites flew over.
Due to my condition I was unable to take any walks so "birding" was difficult but managed a total of 52 species.    


  1. Sounds like a great place Eddie. Otters from the house can't be bad.
    Sorry to hear you couldn't walk much but 52 species is still a good haul!

    1. Thanks it was a great place and though Family get togethers are fraught it was nice to get the time as Mum is now 93. The Wildlife of Wales reserve outside the house was a well managed place. Great that the weekend I returned a Great Spotted Cuckoo turned up in the area

  2. Hi Eddie, glad you got up to Wales for a change of scenery! Adam

  3. Thanks Adam great to hear from you