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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday 21.1

After bad news from my consultant yesterday a bit if birding therapy was on the cards. Early doors and visibility was zero with thick fog and a temp of zero but went out anyway. Little or nothing in the fog until I arrived at the reserve where rain came down and with nothing on the board decided to move on. Arrived at Scotney in sunshine and blue skies and the water was flat calm. A Flock of Geese in flight as I arrived but did not get binoculars on them as they disappeared from view. Found the Long Tailed duck with ease as it looked great in the sunny flat conditions. None of the other specials were there only added a Reed Bunting. Later in the day one or possibly two Barn Owls at Walland Marsh as half a dozen Harriers went to roost all Marsh as far as I could see.
After sleeping on it am now happy that I did manage to see 2 Tundra Bean Goose at dusk on Walland Marsh

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  1. Hope the birding therapy helped a bit Eddie. Was hoping to get out myself today but the fog was really bad here and didn't lift until the afternoon. Rain for the next couple of days I think. Well done with the Barn Owls.