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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday 28/8

A short walk from the house along the beach on a lovely morning many swallows along the sea wall then a kestrel in the first garden and sight of the first Clouded Yellow. A few birds in the bushes first was a Goldfinch followed by a Whitethroat then a Lesser Whitethroat and one unidentified warbler uniform brown ( Garden warbler like ) but appeared larger stockier than the Whitethroat. I then picked up a Spotted Flycatcher in the second garden  quietly waiting for prey a second Clouded yellow showed itself and the Spot Fly enjoyed a bit of exotic breakfast. Further along added Dunnock and baby Moorhen and mating Collared Dove.   A few birds calling in the land drain cover but did not manage to ID anything new. 4 Clouded Yellows seen.
Late from yesterday a trip via Dungeness gave me the first migrating Southward wheatears of the year. Reports of Redstart and Pied flycatchers did not come my way.

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