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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday 13/6

Will summer ever begin ??
Yesterday as usual dull windy and cold but did decide to try for the Black Kite at Selling/ Boughton Street had no idea of exact location but arrived at a crossroads to find a few birders on the side of road. Told to hurry as Kite was about to disappear from view. I did not get to see the bird, visited the Church in the drizzle again no sight. Went to Macnades for Lunch and returned to the church and then again to the Crossroads here I found Martin W and Flossie it was before Sarahs Wedding we last met up at NHGP. Kite was reported over the church ( when we were at lunch ) Watched for a while but no luck high winds and rain did not make it pleasant.
Today managed a short trip out to Dungeness even windier than yesterday and still drizzle and dull. Grey Lag Goose with goslings at soouth end of ARC and a vast amount of Swifts over the lake. Nothing on the notice board but Knot and Ringed Plover from the shop. Total today 36 

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