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Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday 19/04

Wall to wall sunshine and a temperature to mach with no wind. Today decided to do the Sea Eagle feeding boat trip.Left Ulva at 10 and travelled up the lock to the Sea Eagle Nest site round the corner from our Holiday Home. The boat stopped and we all watched for the Eagle ,Within Minutes it could be seen flying towards us looking bigger and bigger as it came. It flew round the boat and then a small fish was thrown out the stern, the eagle swooped down and picked the fish off the water no more than 25 yards from boat, Eagle then flew back to his partner with the prize. The Eagle did this a total of 4 times before we set off out of the area. A truly amazing sight the size and strength was awesome.
The boat then cruised up the loch hoping for Dolphins and any other birds,
New birds for the total were House Martin/Razorbill/Guillimot and Common Scoter.
list for today was Collared Dove/Redwing/Chaffinch/Great Tit/Ble Tit/Siskin/Common Gull/Crow/Raven/Oystercatcher/C urlew/Shag/Skylark/Blackbird/White Tailed Sea Eagle/Golden Eagle/Great Northern Diver/Black Guillimot/Eider/Swallow/Buzzard/Herring Gull/Coal Tit/Wheatear/Jay/Common Sandpiper/Mipit/Grey Heron/Mallard/Shelduck and Pied Wagtail.
The puzzle of the day was when at sea a Diver was spotted and viewed at reasonable close range by all and the concensus was White Billed Diver. Much as I would like to believe this I expect it was a Great Northern Diver with a very light or white bill.
This makes a a total of 77 Birds in 6 days .

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