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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wednesday 13.06.12 Dungeness

Many thanks to Phill Sharp a days visit to Dungeness today. After days of cold and torrential rain suprisingly today turned out beautifull. Buzzard from the M20 on the way down the back roads to Lydd showed nothing  so straight down to the Patch. Tide was well out but the first obvious sight was the amount of Harbour Porpoises as they appeared to be everywhere. Gannets , Sandwich and Common terns , Great Crested Grebes and Gulls were common. After a tip off we found 3 Roseate Terns sitting on the beach there was supposed to be an Artic as well but did not locate. While watching these a Black Tern flew in for a few minutes before passing on his way. From here a lunch at the Pilot was on the cards and then on to the reserve nothing of note on the notice board except the recently arrived Purple Heron. The reserve was quiet except for the exceptional numbers of Hobbies about. Manged short views of the Purple Heron as it flew about on 2 occasions. The trail  back showed one Bearded Tit and the refugia had 2 grass snakes a Wood Mouse and a Bank Vole.

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